White Label Staking

Launchnodes provides a full white label Staking capability and components for organisations that want to provide staking to their customers, or build staking-based propositions.

What we offer

We provide customers with white labelled nodes that can run on public cloud, our infrastructure or data centre infrastructure owned by you. Create your own independent staking infrastructure with your own nodes in your own AWS, GCP or Azure account, or running on your own infrastructure.

Launchnodes offers all the staking building blocks to allow any level of customisation for ETH staking and for alternative blockchains. Use our white labelled staking options to focus on your customer propositions and internal investment strategy. Launchnodes’ tools and professional services make it cheaper and faster to implement.


Build your own bespoke staking service using your own nodes

Our customers keep all their staking rewards, we take 0% commission

Deploy staking services within hours – all under your own brand

Fully managed service from Launchnodes, or self service nodes with customised support as you need it

You manage your mnemonics, keys and passphrases for total security, custody and flexibility (we never see these)

Reduce the cost and engineering time of managing large numbers of nodes

Streamline your team and maximise your overall returns

Schedule in-person consultation

With our white label solutions you can:

Become a staking operator

Create Ethereum staking products for your clients and your business

Participate in existing liquid Ethereum staking networks, with nodes and node based services

Run your own nodes on Layer 2 networks with full set up and ongoing support.

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