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What is SSV?

The is a fully decentralised, open-source, and trustless DVT(Distributed Validator Technology) Network that lets users stake 32ETH or more across multiple validator nodes, operated by professional network operators.

The supports Ethereum’s validation layer by distributing validator operations to the network’s multiple non-trusting nodes, of which Launchnodes is one. Launchnodes is a mainnet operator for the

Along with other providers, Launchnodes operates validators on behalf of the staker while simultaneously improving decentralisation, redundancy, and security for Ethereum’s PoS Consensus Layer.

How do we do it?

Launchnodes manages KeyShares and operates validators on behalf of the stakers, being an infrastructure provider for the protocol. Launchnodes charges stakers a fee for their services in SSV Tokens.

Our ranking indicates uptime and performance of the nodes we run on your behalf. If you have questions and would like to understand more, book a call with us to learn more about SSV and working with Launchnodes as an operator.

Launchnodes also provides consultancy services with AWS to build understanding and support institutional adoption of the SSV protocol. Learn how staking works and how to use SSV to manage the risks of staking as an institution that offers staking products and ETH ETF.

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