Private Ethereum blockchain nodes

Use the security and power of blockchains and smart contracts to build private blockchain solutions with Launchnodes and Hyperledger Besu nodes

Run a private blockchain

Launchnodes Private Ethereum Blockchain Nodes provide a permissioning and security model that enables prescribed participants to add, view or update data — with full Identity Access Management (IAM).

If you plan on private blockchains to manage complex data transmission problems, Launchnodes can support you as you build private blockchains and applications, using Hyperledger Besu.

How we do it

Ethereum’s Virtual Machine — which stores a ledger and overall system state with every block written to the blockchain — is ideal for serving as a ledger describing financial services accounts and transactions. Ethereum also features ‘smart contracts’, which enable business logic that has previously been distributed between different applications and people to be created and activated within the blockchain itself.
  • Secure private data distribution using Hyperledger Besu
  • Harness the power of blockchains to provide real-time data views to multiple parties simultaneously and securely
  • Use private blockchains to manage workflows, data transfer, secure messaging and document distribution with the highest levels of security, permissioning and auditability

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