Increase your staking yield with MEV Boost

Launchnodes makes earning MEV for solo staking easy and scalable

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Ethereum staking

Connect the Validator nodes running on your own infrastructure or public cloud to a Launchnodes MEV enabled Beacon Node, and start earning MEV for all your nodes. This ensures you keep all your rewards and maximise returns on every Validator node you connect. Launchnodes MEV enabled Beacon Nodes use Flashbots MEV Boost software.

Benefits of solo staking with Launchnodes

Launchnodes provides full support for engineering teams

Launchnodes provides Zoom, telephone and email support for non technical users

Unlimited number of Validator nodes using MEV enabled Beacon nodes

What you get

We provide a multi-tenant or dedicated infrastructure option for business customers, meaning your Validator nodes will be connected to a pre-synched execution layer client (Geth) and a Beacon node that has Flashbots MEV Boost running. Our nodes run in multiple geographies so you can choose a location closest to your Validator node and minimise latency.

Using Launchnodes MEV enabled Beacon node (with Geth) simplifies the technical requirements for staking Ethereum. It removes the need to run and secure the infrastructure, configure the Geth and Beacon node and the MEV software, while managing all the associated updates. This helps to ensure 99.999 uptime for our customers.

Implementing MEV Boost software maximises your solo staking returns, while minimising your cost and implementation complexity.

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