Run Beacon Nodes Easily on AWS

Ethereum 2.0 Prysmatic Beacon Node

Participate and stake Ethereum as part of the ETH 2.0 Proof-of-Stake blockchain.

Run our Beacon node and be part of the beacon chain, which uses distributed consensus to agree on blocks both proposed and attested on by validators in the network. Beacon nodes communicate their processed blocks to their peers via a P2P (peer-to-peer) network, which also manages the lifecycle process of active validator clients.

Launchnodes provides an always on and updated Prysmatic labs client for you to run Beacon and Validator nodes and stake Ethereum or be part of ETH 2.0


Beacon Node Annual Cost

Total annual cost for Beacon node


Ethereum 2.0 Prysmatic Beacon Node

Unit type

Cost/unit/hour type

Cost/unit over a 365-day contract

ECS Task



Infrastructure price

Annual AWS Instance Cost (t2.xlarge)


Annual AWS storage (2TB) (0.10$/month per GB)


Free Trial

Try one unit of this product for 7 days. There will be no software charges for that unit, but AWS infrastructure charges still apply. Free Trials will automatically convert to a paid subscription upon expiration and you will be charged for additional usage above the free units provided.

AWS Marketplace Customer Reviews

AWS marketplace review

A Must Buy Product

A really easy way to set up beacon nodes for staking on ethereum 2.0 with AWS cloud infrastructure.