We provide multiple options for the hosting environment and software client(s) that best suit your needs.

Bare Metal
Google Cloud
AWS is the world’s largest cloud service provider.  Your nodes run safely in a highly available, secure environment. You can choose the precise Data Centre and hardware your nodes run on, and help to decentralise the Ethereum blockchain. Microsoft’s Azure cloud is also highly secure and resilient – favoured by many financial institutions and other corporations globally. Google Cloud offers a range of Hyperscale features and allows you to run nodes in their global network.
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All Launchnodes’ options enable you to be a Solo Staker, with you having full control and ownership of your hosting environment, hardware, nodes and keys.

We never take ownership of your keys, passphrases, mnemonics or digital assets.

Run Nodes on Ethereum or other Proof of Stake blockchains

Solo stake and run RPC nodes on AWS, Azure, GCP or Bare Metal. Go to our listing on AWS Cloud Marketplace or contact us to set up your solo staking architecture or RPC nodes.

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