Validator Node End to End Set Up and Support

Validator Nodes for Ethereum staking.
Set up by us, owned by you on your own infrastructure

Full set up and support for Ethereum Staking

Launchnodes’ Concierge provides end-to-end setup for Ethereum Validator nodes. The service is designed for Solo Stakers who have at least 32 ETH or multiples of 32 ETH depositing ETH through the Ethereum launchpad

The Validator nodes (Teku or Prysmatic) can connect to a Launchnodes Beacon node or your own Beacon nodes.

This is a non-custodial service that supports non-technical individuals or engineering teams to become Solo Stakers on their own infrastructure (public cloud or bare metal). It lets you maximise returns, minimise risk and scale large numbers of nodes. Having the node always on, brings the advantages of public cloud to staking Ethereum. 

Our concierge service can also be purchased to review your Ethereum staking node set up if you have self-service purchased a Launchnodes Validator node.


A fully managed set up for Ethereum consensus layer Validator Nodes in your own AWS account

A way for non-technical users to run their own Validator nodes

Connect 32ETH or more

Launchnodes can review and optimize your Validator node set up (for engineers or more technical users)

Subscriptions and professional services

Launchnodes are a technology company offering fixed node subscriptions and professional services so that our clients can become Solo Stakers. We are not a financial services business that takes a commission of our clients’ returns. We are for businesses who want to learn and grow as the network changes with increased use.

This service is also suitable for businesses looking to run large numbers of nodes as Solo Stakers, for individuals with significant ETH holdings on their own infrastructure, and those who want to learn but do not have technical expertise, or want specialist staking technical expertise embedded in their team.

Introduction to Validator Nodes

Customer reviews

Very Happy Customer
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The Launchnodes team has provided me with excellent technical support for my Ethereum Validator pre and post merge. They are very quick to send out upgrade instructions (which you can do yourself). When hands-on technical assistance is needed they will schedule a zoom call and…
A must buy product
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A really easy way to set up a beacon and validator node for staking on ethereum 2.0 with AWS cloud infrastructure.
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Very cool way to get started historical aspect of a life-changing event . This will change many lives along the way.
Phenomenal Support
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We were looking for a team to support our large ETH2 nodes farm. We had nothing but great success with Launchnodes! A+++ all the way. Zero complaints!
Excellent End-to-End Customer Service
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The concierge service was great for me. I knew I wanted to run a node but without the technical knowledge this non-custodial service allowed me to stake my Ethereum and not hand my ETH over to a 3rd party.
This makes it easy
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Lets you scale the number of nodes really easily especially if you are already using AWS extensively for technical and non-technical users.
Surprised how good…
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I used their concierge service, I am not technical Launchnodes walked me through the set up. Well worth it otherwise I would not have had a clue. Using their product on AWS means I dont have to worry about my node going down.
ASIC Investor
Easy for non-technical users
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As pure financial investors these guys have made it really easy to stake and almost trained us up. We use this product and got their concierge service its brilliant.

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