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Staking Club – Validator nodes using pooled Ethereum

Staking club is designed for the pooling of 32ETH by a group of people to launch their own Validator node. Keep all dedicated node benefits by staking with friends!
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Launchnodes staking club provides a contract and template to allow multiple people with small amounts of Ethereum to pool together and stake Ethereum directly running their own node.

The staking club is set up by a staking club manager who invites all the club members, who each provide an amount of ETH which is less than 32. Their contribution is a percentage of the total 32 required to run a node and their returns are proportional to the amount they contribute.

Staking club provides a framework for the club manager to capture all the information about the club members and their contributions and a contract that governs how the returns are distributed. The contract is based on English law as Launchnodes is a UK business.

Once the club is established and the contract signed by members, Launchnodes then provide end to end setup of the Ethereum 2.0 validator node in the club manager’s AWS account. The validator node can connect to a Launchnodes Beacon node or the club’s own Beacon node. If the staking club manager is a software engineer familiar with AWS and wants to set up the node themselves they can use our detailed instructions and video guides.

This is a non-custodial Ethereum staking service that supports non-technical individuals with small amounts of ETH to pool together to run validator nodes in a staking club managers own AWS account. Therefore, people who hold small amounts of Ethereum can maximise returns and minimise risk. Having an easy to use set of templates and a supporting contract to set up the club, allows small holders of Ethereum to stake directly. The node is always on and brings the advantages of AWS and public cloud to staking Ethereum.

Core Services

Staking club templates
Staking club contracts
Full node set up and support
Set up on ETH2.0/Consensus Layer Launchpad
Validator keys set up
Set up your validator wallet
Set up your AWS account (with you if required)
Buy a validator node on AWS marketplace
Create an IAM User
Create the cluster for your Ethereum Validator node
Create the IAM role for your node
Create the wallet and import your keys to your AWS instance
Create and Run the Launchnodes validator service
Deploy Launchnodes container gateway services
Start staking Ethereum

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I was surprised how good their support was

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
I used their concierge service, I am not technical Launchnodes walked me through the set up. Well worth it otherwise I would not have had a clue. Using their product on AWS means l I dont have to worry about my node going down.

30 minutes to set up a mainnet validator node

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
I used launchnodes concierge service in combination with an annual subscription for a validator node, so i got set up in my own AWS with Launchnodes team supporting me set up my node via a screenshare. It took 30 minutes and i am part of genesis on the 1st Dec.

Easy for non technical users

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
As pure financial investors these guys have made it really easy to stake and almost trained us up. We use this product and got their concierge service its brilliant.


April 16, 2021
stars stars stars stars
Very cool way to get started historical aspect of a life changing event . This will change many lives along the way .

Easy if you are AWS native

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
I launched validator nodes with this product, as someone comfortable setting up clusters this makes running multiple nodes really easy. Also it is great that I own and manage the node completely and running on AWS means the main risk of getting slashed is reduced.

Scaling is scary for high value nodes and this makes it easy

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
Lets you scale the number of nodes really easily especially if you are already using AWS extensively for technical and non-technical users.

Phenomenal Support

March 21, 2021
stars stars stars stars stars
We were looking for a team to support our large ETH2 nodes farm. We had nothing but great success with Launchnodes! A+++ all the way. Zero complains!

good for significant deployment of nodes

November 27, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
This product allows me to easily manage large numbers of nodes, they also use the most popular validator and beacon node client from Prysmatic. Their instructions are clear and support prompt and capable.

Great expert support, good documentation with some limitations

February 16, 2021
stars stars stars stars stars
I haven't used a Windows command prompt in many years & never used Amazon's AWS service. Now after a month, I am somewhat comfortable with AWS, Linux, Docker, and ssh, etc., which is mainly due to following the product usage instructions and my own research. However, it also meant that I needed much tech support. Launchnodes also recommended that I subscribe to a Validator node (less expensive) instead of a full Beacon node if I were to run only one node (32 Ethereums). I consider that an ethical suggestion by not pushing a more expensive product on me. At this time, my node is active and earning me some money. I had problems in my configuration, in particular importing the Mainnet wallet keys from a zip file. I believe Launchnodes should add enabling Zip and Nano utilities to their documentations to help a novice like me. It took some time for the Launchnodes tech support to help me out, but once they did, it was a breeze. They are truly experts at it with a lot of patience. The tech support rep updated my configurations and ensured that my node was running faultlessly. Launchnodes' Validator node was the best product for me to use to participate in Ethereum stacking, in my opinion.

Fab service would recommend it

December 11, 2020
stars stars stars stars stars
Ok so if you know how to use AWS this will be pretty straight forward. The only bit you will find a little tricky is creating the wallet them moving the key into the wallet bit. If you do just reach out to the support team they were very helpful and Yash helped me fix an issue in like 5 min then after that my validator node worked like clockwork easily. Also if you don't know how to use the concierge service well worth it, they know what they are doing. The only bits the notes had missing for me was the unzip cmd did not work easily fixed with sudo yum unzip. Secondly last bit of updating pass.txt, it said I did not have permission so the cmd was sudo nano pass.txt and this allowed me to update the pass and off we went. Yash said they would update the notes in the documentation to reflect this anyway. Fab service and well worth setting up in the cloud.

Excellent End-to-End Customer Service

February 7, 2021
stars stars stars stars stars
The concierge service was great for me. I knew I wanted to run a node but without the technical knowledge this non-custodial service allowed me to stake my Ethereum and not hand my ETH over to a 3rd party. Overall the attentive customer support meant that from the moment I contacted them through AWS they walked me through all the software tech stuff, and were with me every step of the way. They always kept me updated at each step as to what was going on, and what they were doing on my behalf. I felt thoroughly taken care of - I highly recommend launchnodes.
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