Solo stake without running a full Ethereum node

Connect Validator nodes running on your own hardware to a pre-synced Execution layer node and beacon node, fully managed by Launchnodes. 

A low cost ETH solo staking solution

Beacon nodes as a Service, reduces the technical complexity and cost of running a validator node, by removing the need for you to run and synchronise your own Full Ethereum node (Execution Layer client) or beacon node.

Customers can run their own validator nodes using their own hardware, and connect a single or multiple validator nodes to a Launchnodes’ Execution layer node and beacon node. All our nodes are synchronized with the beacon chain, MEV-enabled, always on, and run the latest version of the software on a mix of  AWS, GCP and bare metal infrastructure, managed and monitored 24/7 by experts.

Not having to run your own Execution layer client or beacon node, saves you money and time making decentralized non-custodial staking cheaper. You also get to choose your Ethereum client.


Remove the cost of running your own Execution layer node and beacon node

Easy set up with full support

Earn maximum rewards as a solo staker

Introduction to Validator Nodes

Run a validator node now!

Solo stake without running a full Ethereum node by connecting a validator node that runs on your infrastructure to a Launchnodes’ MEV-enabled beacon node. If you don’t run a validator node yet, start here.

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