Ethereum Staking, Proof of Stake Blockchain Workshops For Institutions

Launchnodes’ team has been involved in blockchain and Web3.0 technology since 2015, and now provide infrastructure for organisations who want to stake themselves and for those building new customer propositions.

The goal of this workshop is to help your organisation, or team, to understand staking and the challenges and opportunities of new technologies, business models and Use Cases enabled by blockchain and Web3.0 technologies.



The goal of this session is to help your organization, or team, to understand the challenges and opportunities of new technologies, business models and Use Cases enabled by blockchain and Web3.0 technologies.

This interactive workshop will bring a view of ‘the art of the possible’, and leading examples from relevant companies and industries.

Topics Include:

Blockchain TechnologyDecentralized Finance (DeFi)Proof of Work, Proof of Stake
Digital Currencies Cryptocurrency StakingWeb3.0 Concepts
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)The Metaverse
  • What are these topics?  
  • Are these just buzzwords, or do they have useful ‘real world’ applications
  • What do they mean for businesses, consumers and other stakeholders?
  • What are leading edge Use Cases and applications of these models and technologies?
  • What risks do these technologies bring to your organization?
  • What opportunities broadly exist, for your industry and company?
  • What are the key next steps, to enable your organization to innovate using blockchain and Web3.0 ?

Content and activities for each workshop are tailored to suit each team and organisation.

Format and Logistics

Face-to-face workshops are preferred for maximum interactivity and participation, however online events and remote participation are also feasible.  Launchnodes generally prefers an off-site location to allow participants to fully focus on the workshop.  Workshops can be held in most Cities worldwide with sufficient notice.


Workshops are typically 1.5 – 2 day events.  For ‘deeper dives’ into particular areas of interest or focus, 3 – 4 day workshops can be arranged – or multiple sessions for different departments/locations for larger groups.

Beyond The Workshop

For organizations with the mandate and executive sponsorship to launch specific, new, blockchain based products and services, Launchnodes can orchestrate a full Inception Workshop.  The Inception Workshop helps organizations struggling with scope, resourcing and cost estimates.

This session is highly tailored to each individual organization, with the purpose of achieving consensus on the project goals, exploring risks, removing assumptions and ensuring that viewpoints across multiple different stakeholders are understood. 

The output from an Inception Workshop is a clear understanding of the requirements, size, scope, constraints and risks for a complex technology deployment.  The Inception Workshop helps participants to gain internal support for a programme, and to progress a procurement exercise with clarity and confidence.

Inception Workshops require an in-depth understanding of your organization and plans, prior to the session.

Launchnodes is happy to sign a mutual NDA before any workshop or corporate engagement.

Who Should Attend

Typical workshop attendees include stakeholders from all key functions involved in an organization’s digital and Web3.0 transformation, Research and Development and new product development, including:

Risk & ComplianceTechnologyOperations
SalesMarketingHuman Resources

This workshop has been designed to be a strategic / business focussed session.  More technical, systems architecture and infrastructure considerations sessions, or a combination of the two are also feasible.

Extra benefits which participant will receive after the workshop


workshop attendees receive a copy of Ethereum Staking for Organisations, by Jaydeep Korde


To enable the learning and outcomes to be shared more widely in your organisation.


The workshops are designed to focus on what your team or organisation cares about most.

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