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Ethereum Staking, Proof of Stake Blockchain Workshops For Institutions


For whom and why

Ethereum and staking are new concepts as well as new technology. Our work involves educating and providing practical training for financial institutions and organizations that are interested in Ethereum, proof of stake blockchains and staking.


Launchnodes provides a 1 day in person or online collaborative & visually engaging workshop for financial institutions and organisations that are interested in understanding Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains, Ethereum and Ethereum staking.


Workshop agenda

Part 1:

  • Foundations – Proof of work vs proof of stake blockchainWhat is Ethereum?
  • Why is Ethereum so important?
  • What are ERC tokens?
  • What are Ethereum layer 2 solutions and chains and how do they work?
  • What are NFTs and why are so many platforms for NFTs using Ethereum?
  • What is the Ethereum eco-system and how does it compare to other blockchains (Solana, Cardano etc)?
  • Ethereum killers who they are and what their functionality is.

Part 2:

  • What is Ethereum staking?
  • Why would you stake Ethereum?
  • How do you stake Ethereum?
  • Custodial and non Custodial ways to stake ethereum.
  • Operational income from staking vs Investment activity.
  • Understanding mandates. What does using your institutions or organizations mandate to stake ETH look like?
  • How can your organisation start to look at doing it, internally and for customers?
  • Building your organization’s internal and client propositions (detailing out the trastra scenarios).
  • Building your organisation internal staking labs/ experiments roadmap.

Powering Staking

Our workshop can also include focusing on these chains, how they work and what staking on them involves technically and financially


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