Lido Node Operator and the Orchestration Layer for Solo Staking

Launchnodes enables individuals and businesses with 32 ETH, or multiples thereof, to solo stake Ethereum on their own bare-metal or public cloud infrastructure. By offering a choice of execution and consensus layer clients, we advocate for the importance of solo staking as a means to engage directly in Ethereum’s growth. This approach contrasts with treating staking merely as a black-box investment with a fixed yield.

Simplifying Solo Staking

We streamline the solo staking process for organizations, protocols, and individuals fortunate enough to have 32 ETH or more. Those with this level of capital can maximize their returns and help secure the Ethereum network by running nodes on infrastructure that only they own and can access.

Our services extend to various types of infrastructure, whether it’s bare metal in data centres owned by our clients or third parties, or public cloud marketplaces like AWS, GCP, and Tencent.

The Orchestration Layer

Our orchestration layer provides all the essential components our clients need to build customized staking architectures. This allows them to optimize their returns, meet regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions, and choose an appropriate custody solution.

What If You Don’t Have 32 ETH?

In that case, solo staking is not an option for you.

Lido: Staking for All

Lido allows anyone with any amount of Ethereum to stake, earn rewards, and participate in network security, regardless of their technical expertise or amount of Ethereum held. Lido offers a liquid token pegged to the value of ETH when staking. This feature was particularly important pre-merge for maintaining full liquidity of staked ETH. Post-merge, Lido has become the most successful staking protocol for Ethereum, by any measure you prefer.

Launchnodes Becoming a Lido Node Operator

We are thrilled to announce that Launchnodes has been selected as a Lido node operator. This partnership enables us to support the Lido protocol, allowing people with any amount of ETH and no technical knowledge to stake Ethereum and earn rewards.

Our Goal

Our mission is to support the use of minority clients and to operate nodes on bare-metal infrastructure in underserved geographic locations.

By offering an orchestration layer for solo stakers and serving as a node operator for Lido, we provide comprehensive Ethereum staking solutions for institutions and individuals, whether they possess small or large amounts of capital. Last but not least, we will donate 10% of our Lido earnings to social impact – further showcasing that blockchain is much more than just crypto. It is a technology that can change the world, one Launchnodes at a time.

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