Introduction to Launchnodes

Launchnodes has been established since early 2020 with the sole purpose of providing technical and non-technical enterprise and individual clients with a safe way to set up beacon and validator nodes for Ethereum staking. We began with rolling out our own beacon chain, in a bid to ensure that each validator node we run, boasts a well set up staking architecture. This enabled us to introduce a line of products that closely follows our ideology…

Safe and risk-free investment grade Ethereum staking – 100% of returns must go to a client – Easy node implementation – Whitelabel staking solutions – Non-custodial – No middle men

We wanted Launchnodes to become much more than just a validator nodes provider and over the course of the company’s existence, it is exactly what happened. With the DeFi industry’s growth, it all kicked off with our non-custodial validator and beacon node setup service on AWS (Amazon Web Services). We then launched technical assessment of existing nodes, started to offer DeFi turnkey solutions to enterprise clients, and practically became a one-stop shop for everything Ethereum staking. Social impact is also part of our identity, which is why we plan to team up with major charity organizations to channel certain staking rewards towards the social benefit. This is significant because it’s the first time that blockchain will be helping those in real need. So, there’s a lot to it, and it’s probably best to go over Launchnodes’ development, evolution and products step by step.

Launchnodes’ role in Ethereum staking. The what and why?

Right from the start, we devised a clear range of products and services that covers all parts of investment grade ETH staking. At the same time, by being a non-custodial Ethereuem staking service provider, we gave all power to our clients, since all node operations happen on their personal AWS user accounts. Our offering to the Ethereum market is:

As you can see, we decided not to follow the general direction of the market by becoming just another company that offers centralised access to Ethereum staking. Why? Well, because why should anything blockchain be centralised in the first place! Instead, we let public and private companies, Ethereum holders and high net worth individuals run hundreds of privately owned Ethereum nodes, which in turn, changes everything! Running your own node carries the following advantages:

  • Collect 100% of Ethereum staking returns 
  • No dependency on third-party service providers
  • Zero risks tied to delegating the ETH staking process to someone else
  • Independent nodes’ infrastructure and staking architecture (single or multiple instances)
  • No network latency, adjustable IP path, and more
  • AWS cloud staking
  • Always the latest version of Prysmatic Client

Ethereum staking on AWS

Validator and beacon nodes that form the beacon chain are now an integral part of the Ethereum proof of stake architecture. As a result, major industry participants were faced with a question of what to run their nodes on. Of course, there is always the prospect of launching the setup on privately owned servers, but such an option doesn’t come without its pitfalls. Running Ethereum 2 staking on AWS, the most established cloud storage and processing platform on the web, eliminates all possible risks tied to the upkeep of private servers. Furthermore, it introduces infrastructure flexibility, which is why we, at Launchnodes, decided to roll out our Ethereum validator and beacon nodes on AWS. By setting up validator and/or beacon nodes on AWS, we have achieved:

  • Zero downtime stands for zero transactions missed
  • No risk of being penalised, or slashed by the network for being offline 
  • Nodes are set up on client’s own AWS account
  • Flexibility of staking architecture

Last but not least, Ethereum staking on AWS with Launchnodes is not accompanied by heavy pricing, which means that there is only a minimal affect on the annual staking returns. Simply put, all these advantages greatly outweigh the performance of individual servers or third-party provided staking nodes. 

Services that work around Ethereum staking

Whilst Ethereum validator and beacon nodes do take up a substantial share of what we do, it is by no means the end of the spectrum. Since we know the engineering side in and out, it was only logical to offer technical assessments of existing nodes, both to our existing and new clients. This comes in handy when a client wants to future proof his/her nodes and omit a prospect of missed attenstions. We then expanded the service further, towards DeFi appraisals and production of tailor-made DeFi staking solutions on AWS, which has already been tried and tested by the corporate world. 

Our advisory services at glance:

  • Technical assessment of validator nodes, beacon nodes and beacon chains
  • Technical assessment of DeFi staking ecosystems
  • Development of whitelabel DeFi staking solutions

Launchnodes, the bright future of Ethereum staking and doing good

Without any exaggeration, we always saw Ethereum as a solution, not just a framework for projects and transactions. This pushed us to start talking to charity organizations, and other community oriented entities about blockchain implementation and staking that can work to the global benefit. It’s surprising what a simple conversation can do, because the idea took off! And today, we are happy to report that there will soon be a series of announcements that will solidify Ethereum staking as a critical pillar of global economy support.

Furthermore, our roadmap includes the introduction of the Staking Club. It is a service that we have developed for the audiences who are drawn in Ethereum staking but do not have access to the full 32ETH required to run a private Ethereum validator node. The product aims to resemble the logic behind a staking pool, but at the same time, will employ the dedicated beacon and validator node infrastructure we are so good at building. Needless to say, the Staking Club will be excluded from risk factors common to the standard Ethereum staking pools.

Summarizing Launchnodes

During the time of its existence, Launchnodes managed to become more than just an Ethereum nodes provider on AWS. We dive deep into Ethereum upgrade and offer not only safe and non-custodial staking that delivers 100% of returns to the client, but also DeFi services that may well result in the next big thing of tomorrow. 

Our clients can be split into technical and non-technical types, and whilst the former get an off the shelf, easy to set up Ethereum staking node solution, the latter enjoy launching nodes with a simple click of a button. Best of all, is that this is a true, independent participation in the Ethereum, free from third-parties, resilient to risk factors.  

Forget having to be dependent on exchanges, and other crypto staking services, because what they do, can be done directly with no middle men. This is what Launchnodes is all about! It is where you get Ethereum beacon nodes, validator nodes, technical DeFi assessment and whitelabel staking solutions. All in one place, all on AWS!

Start staking ETH with Launchnodes!

Jaydeep Korde

CEO, Launchnodes

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