In House Solo Staking

We help clients run investment grade Ethereum Solo Staking within their own businesses, in their own private cloud or on infrastructure they own.

Solo Stake for your organisation or for your clients

Use Launchnodes to run execution layer clients, Beacon and Validator nodes that run in your own data centre or private cloud infrastructure, to Solo Stake for your own organisation or for your clients.

Use your own infrastructure
Launchnodes provides customised multi-client on premise nodes for data centre operators and customers with their own globally distributed data centre infrastructure. We enable clients to use their own existing infrastructure to Solo Stake ETH.
Using highly scalable and heavily automated deployment pipelines with Kubernetes and Hashicorp tools, Launchnodes makes managing scale and hyper-scale Solo Staking easy for those organisations that want to do it on their own infrastructure.
0% commission on your staking returns
Launchnodes charges professional services fees and node licences, ensuring our clients keep all their node and MEV returns. We never take a slice of our customers’ staking rewards.
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Become a solo staker on the infrastructure you own

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