Grow your investment and your social impact with impact staking

Launchnodes enables you to create social impact through staking. Begin staking with 32ETH or more, retaining your Consensus Layer returns in full. Meanwhile, use your Execution Layer rewards to drive social impact by donating them to GiveDirectly.

Ethereum staking to power direct cash transfers

GiveDirectly’s mission is to reshape international giving, making unconditional, direct cash transfers to the poor the benchmark against which other interventions are evaluated. GiveDirectly believes the best way of achieving this mission is by maximizing cash delivered to the poor, with the ultimate aim of ending extreme poverty. Charitable staking allows you to raise the standard for sustainable and direct contributions¬† beyond what traditional finance can support.

Your financial upside

Sustainable support

Requirements for Solo Impact Staking

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What do you get?

Launchnodes provide all impact stakers a 50% discount on their node subscription, allowing them to be a solo staker and an impact staker.

Impact staking at a glance

Execution Layer (provided by Launchnodes)


Consensus Layer