I Was Wrong!

Hi there!

I’m not sure where to start, but on the 23rd of November once I was tucked up in bed, my feeling was that we had some way to go before the deposit contract was “whole” and Genesis block on the 1st of December seemed unlikely. It is good to be wrong, and as my wife will tell you, I often am.  This was the very best instance of being wrong.

Concierge Service Now Live 

The morning of 24th November continued to prove eventful, as we supported a surge of new customers in setting up their nodes.  Demand has been such that we launched a concierge service for those clients who want us to set up their nodes for them – end to end in their own AWS accounts, with Launchnodes never taking custody of their funds or requiring them to trust us. 

This is an interesting proposition, as what we won’t do for clients is going to be as important as what we will do for them, to ensure as much decentralisation as we can, whilst still giving our customers the best user experience, regardless of their technical expertise.

Thank You

In these economic times we are grateful for having clients, especially so many.  If I’m honest, I did not expect to be in this position when we founded the business in April this year.

Exciting News Coming Soon …

We are working on an exciting press release (we think it is exciting, so does my mum) that Amazon Web Services will hopefully be releasing about us on 3rd December.  However, perhaps more importantly we see fantastic short and medium term opportunities for people and organisations who stake and build.  We see an ecosystem emerging of custodial and non-custodial solutions around staking that we all hope will all use Launchnodes at their back ends to stake.  We have started on AWS but will be available in Azure’s marketplace and on GCP in 2021. 

Creating a Secondary Market

It’s premature to start talking about secondary markets for our customer nodes just yet.  But we want to support and create that market for customers and the broader ETH community, to provide liquidity to those who have stepped on to this spaceship for its first launch.  Which does not just include plucky individuals, but also Credit Suisse, IBC Group and other institutions. 

We hope you will all be looking at beaconscan using your public keys on December 1st to see the network take off, and your nodes go live. 

5 days from launch, with my fingers and goolies crossed that it goes well and without a hitch, I agree with G. K. Chesterton who maintained that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. 

Our thanks and gratitude to you all for walking with us.

Jaydeep and the Launchnodes Team

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