How to stake Ethereum with Launchnodes

Ethereum staking is what Launchnodes specialises in from the first day of its inception. To this day we remain to be the only provider of ETH staking services that are non-custodial, risk free, investment grade and AWS cloud based. It is this infrastructure that lets our institutional and individual clients run independent Ethereum validator and beacon nodes without having to pay commission on staking services or be dependent on any third-parties. 

Collect 100% of staking rewards – Never miss a transaction

Our goal was to design the most streamlined experience that takes our clients to the stage of running fully functional nodes. Today, we are glad to report that it is exactly what has been achieved and it is the reason why our loyal customers choose us. Staking ETH on AWS is the most effective way of becoming part of Ethereum and this paper will explain the staking options and how to get started with Launchnodes’ Prysmatic client based validator and beacon nodes. 

Ethereum staking products and services range

Before we delve into the exact steps you need to take in order to launch your own, dedicated ETH staking node, it is important to understand that the options we offer vary in how technical either you or your team is. At the same time, regardless of the service you choose, we will always be ready to assist you in making sure that everything is set up correctly.

Benefits of independent Ethereum staking on AWS

As the title suggests, the key benefit of purchasing Launchnodes’ Ethereum validator node is being independent of any third-party service providers. This, in turn, carries a plethora of advantages over staking pools including:

  • Always on AWS cloud servers
  • 100% of staking rewards go directly to you
  • Connect to Launchnodes’ beacon node by default 
  • Full control of your staking infrastructure
  • Connect to your personal ETH beacon node
  • Always run the latest version of the Prysmatic Client
  • Professional node infrastructure that eliminates any possibility of missed attestations

Setting up Ethereum validator node on AWS

There are two options of how you can start staking Ethereum with Launchnodes. First, is our end-to-end ETH validator node setup. This option implies that our team will do the hard work, whilst you just need to register with Amazon Web Services and purchase the node. Next, a member of our concierge service will get in touch with you to set up your Ethereum staking arrangement. 

We also offer our clients an option to do the node setup themselves. It is a slightly more technical process compared to Launchnodes’ turnkey ETH node setup, further described in our step-by-step guide and in the introduction video below.

Setting up Ethereum beacon node on AWS

Ethereum staking requires an investment grade attitude and this is why we offer our clients an opportunity to run their personal beacon nodes, hosted on AWS. Beacon nodes connect to the ETH beacon chain, which in turn, coordinates the Ethereum network. By running your own independent beacon nodes, you benefit from complete infrastructure independency and a chance to design your own Ethereum staking architecture as desired. 

Staking Club (stake less than 32ETH)

Whilst each validator node requires 32ETH to start validating blocks, we decided to broaden our range of staking products and roll out an Ethereum staking pool that we call a Staking Club. Going in line with other Launchnodes products and services, Staking Club delivers 100% of returns to the clients and ensures the right working order of the validator node that covers each pool. Furthermore, there are quite a few differences compared to conventional Ethereum staking pools, as well as benefits. 

Staking Club is designed to be:

  • An independent ETH staking medium
  • Deliver 100% of rewards to the users
  • Allow users to pool ETH with friends
  • Stake ETH on AWS
  • 100% instance uptime

Launchnodes offers a complete framework for the Staking Club onboarding, whilst the setup is done through AWS, accessible from clients’ individual accounts. The key difference of the SC compared to conventional staking pools, is that you have full access and control over your rewards and the state of staking, without being dependent on third-party service providers. Finally, it’s a great way to pool together with friends or colleagues and stake ETH independently.

How to stake ETH with Launchnodes summarized

Launchnodes range of Ethereum staking services is designed to cover the needs of both enterprise and individual clients. Regardless whether you run an exchange, a fund or just have 32ETH or its multiples to stake, we are here to get you started. At the same time, Staking Club serves as another fully independent way of Ethereum staking, dedicated to clients that hold less than 32ETH. 

We believe that blockchain related services should remain decentralized, just like the blockchain itself. This is why all our products put full control and benefits of staking in the hands of our clients, whilst the Launchnodes team only acts as support, making sure that your staking is bulletproof.

Jaydeep Korde

CEO, Launchnodes

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