Ethereum Validator
Node Migration

Migrate from your Staking as a Service provider to become a Solo Staker. Run nodes on your own infrastructure plane, either on a public cloud or on bare metal.

Why Migrate your Validator nodes?

If you want to stop paying a commission on your ETH returns or you just want full control of every aspect of how you stake – from the hosting/network provider, server/node hardware, software clients used and all other aspects – never sharing keys or ETH with anyone and removing any UI dependency on a third party, then you can migrate your nodes using Launchnodes.

How to migrate your validator nodes

1. Book a session with the Launchnodes team

2. Confirm that your nodes are no longer running with
your existing Staking as a Service provider

3. Choose the infrastructure that you want to Solo Stake on
- public cloud or your own bare metal.

4. Launchnodes help you run your synchronised execution layer client, or use Launchnodes’ execution layer client as a service

5. Launchnodes help you run your consensus layer clients (Beacon and Validator)

6. Become a Solo Staker, maximise your ETH staking returns and help
decentralise the network.

Benefits of migrating your Ethereum validator nodes
to become a Solo Staker

Remove vendor risk and any lack of transparency or choice regarding how you stake.

Earn more by migrating your nodes to become a solo staker.

Use a transparent technology stack that has no third-party dependency for your staking architecture.

Change your staking architecture to suit your compliance, regulatory and jurisdictional requirements.

Schedule in-person consultation


Migrating your validator node will take up to 30 minutes. During this process you will be assisted by one of Launchnodes engineers, who will ensure that the migration is successful and you are now a solo staker with a fully operational node.
Before the migration of your Ethereum validator node takes place, you must get in touch with your staking service provider and ensure that they have access to your node and can switch it off upon request. It is important to note that the node migration can only take place once your original node is off, to avoid slashing.
No, because providing you have your mnemonic you can re create your keys
Yes, your mnemonic represents the core ownership of your node. Without it you cant migrate.
No, you will not lose any rewards you’ve earned until the node migration. You will only miss out on the rewards you could have earned during the time that your node is off. Which could be as little as 1hr or as long as a 1 day depending how many nodes you are migrating
Our engineers will guide you to a beacon chain explorer, where you will be able to see the performance of your newly migrated node. Beacon chain explorers allow you to track performance and rewards that your nodes generate independent of any third party interface.
All solo stakers get to run two wallet addresses associated with their node. The wallet that was used to deposit 32ETH accrues the annual yield and these rewards can only be withdrawn after the Shanghai update. The second wallet you register is used to accumulate additional network rewards, which can be withdrawn at any time.
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