Solo Staking

Solo staking is the “gold standard” for staking,
as described by the Ethereum Foundation

What is Solo Staking

Solo stakers have full control of every aspect of their staking operation – from the hosting/network provider, server/node hardware, software clients used and all other aspects – and never sharing their keys or ETH with a 3rd party. This is not the case with other types of staking.

There are essentially
4 types of staking:

Solo Staking

Most impactful
Full control
Full rewards

Staking as a Service

Your 32 ETH
Your Validator Keys
Entrusted node operation

Pooled Staking

Stake any amount
Earn rewards
Keep it simple

Centralized Exchanges

Least impactful
Highest trust assumptions

Benefits of Solo Staking with Launchnodes tools and support

Launchnodes is the global leader in solo staking services, empowering mass participation in staking without significant technical know-how, and no loss of custody. While other providers offer a limited set of options, Launchnodes offers “à la carte” and bespoke staking services on multiple blockchains.

1. Our focus is on making our clients “solo stakers”

2. We support diverse software clients

3. Use public cloud, private cloud or your own hardware

4. Validator, Beacon, Geth, RPC nodes

5. Geo-locate anywhere in the world

6. Multiple design options

7. No dependency or risk of failure of Launchnodes

8. Non-custodial

9. We are a US headquartered corporation

10. Outstanding phone, email, Zoom support by humans

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