Ethereum 2.0 Validator node end to end set up and support

Launchnodes' Concierge Service provides end to end set up for an Ethereum 2 validator node, for customers who have at least 32 Ethereum or multiples of 32 Ethereum in a Metamask wallet, or a wallet compatible with depositing ETH through the ETH2.0 launchpad. The validator nodes can connect to a Launchnodes Beacon node or to a customer's own Beacon nodes.

This is a non custodial service that supports non technical individuals or engineering teams seeking to run validator nodes in their own AWS account, to maximise returns, minimise risk and scale large numbers of nodes. Having the node always on brings the advantages of AWS and public cloud to staking Ethereum. Our concierge service also can be purchased to review your node set up if you have self service purchased a Launchnodes validator node.


The Concierge Service includes:

  • Set up on eth2.0 launchpad
  • Set up your validator keys
  • Set up your validator wallet
  • Set up your AWS account with you if required
  • Buy a validator node on AWS marketplace
  • Create an IAM User
  • Create the cluster for your node
  • Create the IAM role for your node
  • Create the wallet and import your keys to your AWS instance
  • Create and Run the launchnodes validator service
  • Deploy Launchnodes container gateway services
  • Start staking Ethereum


Software associated with this service

AWS Marketplace Customer Reviews

AWS customer review

Excellent End-to-End Customer Service

The concierge service was great for me. I knew I wanted to run a node but without the technical knowledge this non-custodial service allowed me to stake my Ethereum and not hand my ETH over to a 3rd party.
Overall the attentive customer support meant that from the moment I contacted them through AWS they walked me through all the software tech stuff, and were with me every step of the way. They always kept me updated at each step as to what was going on, and what they were doing on my behalf.
I felt thoroughly taken care of - I highly recommend launchnodes.