Fund social impact by donating Ethereum staking returns

Impact staking is a new tool and framework for tackling climate change, inequality and infrastructure, designed to be used by donors, non-profits and node operators

New Financing Tools
For Big Problems

Launchnodes has always believed that staking returns can be used as a long-term financing tool to fund positive outcomes related to climate change, inequality and new infrastructure.




The central idea is that instead of making a single donation or grant, an individual Impact Staker or organisation commits capital in the form of ETH. That ETH is staked for a period of time, and some or all returns from staking are donated to address a climate, inequality or infrastructure problem for a 1-5 year period. 

After that, the original capital is returned to the individual or organisation, allowing them to fund something else, or take back their ETH.

Making Impact Staking Real

Launchnodes developed Impact staking to use staking returns to fund long term social impact, in data rich contexts.

First, we articulated a vision in the impact staking manifesto. We have then brought the concept to life with early proof of concepts with UNICEF, and GiveDirectly.

Our 3 Impact staking products have a custody and governance pattern around them that are also open source that you can use and extend into your own contexts

Impact staking products

Solo impact staking

Point 100% of your staking returns to social impact

Execution layer returns

Donate your execution layer returns, keep your consensus layer returns

Lido impact staking

Impact staking will be enabled on Lido soon

How can you participate?

Run your own impact staking service
Use our impact staking products and open source materials and the guides from projects we have already implemented and re-use these all on your own. Or reach out and we can help you get started on your impact staking journey.

Become an impact staker
Take a look at our existing products and partners.

Receive donations (INGOs)
Reach out to us if you have a social impact outcome in a data rich context that needs long term funding. Please use your organisations email not a personal address.

Start Impact Staking

Run your own
impact staking service

Become an
impact staker

donations (INGOs)

Join the world of impact staking

Visit our impact staking wiki to find out more about the organisations and work done so far using Ethereum staking to fund social impact.

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