Key and Password Security

As the price of Ethereum increases so does the need to keep the passwords and keys relating to your nodes safe


For individual key custody solutions for staking Ethereum we recommend 1password.

Securing your nodes means keeping your

  • key file
  • wallet password
  • seed phrases

Safe, most important of these is the seed phrase that relates to your node. This Metamask article explains why. Our recommendations for people running under 100 nodes are for highly secure, competent and established password managers that provide individual and enterprise solutions for storing passwords, secrets and keys, that have been tested over time with a broad range of use cases. We also think these vendors have user interfaces and workflows that are easy to use and manage over time and multiple devices.


For institutional key custody solutions for staking Ethereum we recommend Digivault’s Helios solution

  • Registration by the Financial Conduct Authority as a crypto asset firm.
  • Provides two solutions for storing digital assets.
  • Institutional Grade offline solution
  • digital asset storage.
  • Defence grade hardware.
  • Physical protection.

Digivault also offers a crime insurance policy which covers its Helios solution.

Our Recommendation

Launchnodes recommends these services as an independent third party not a reseller. We will continue to assess market solutions and recommend those that we think are best for our customers.

Custody solutions

There are a wide range of custody solutions available for institutions staking ETH. One of the most important considerations is to ensure that the custody solution your organisation chooses is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK or the SEC in the United States.

Custodial offerings

Launchnodes reviews institutional custodial offerings every 3 months, if you are a dedicated provider of institutional custodial services for digital assets and would like your services to be reviewed please reach out to us.

We make no guarantees to recommend any service that we review or assess


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