Impact staking: GiveDirectly and execution layer returns

impact staking givedirectly

It has been a strong summer, filled with hard work and the creation of useful things. I would like to share what has been accomplished and what is currently under development. Impact Staking Impact Staking lies at the core of Launchnodes’ philosophy on what staking should be about. I’ve always viewed staking as a fixed […]

Lido Node Operator and the Orchestration Layer for Solo Staking

ethereum staking lido

Launchnodes enables individuals and businesses with 32 ETH, or multiples thereof, to solo stake Ethereum on their own bare-metal or public cloud infrastructure. By offering a choice of execution and consensus layer clients, we advocate for the importance of solo staking as a means to engage directly in Ethereum’s growth. This approach contrasts with treating […]

SSV mainnet goes live: Comments from a verified node operator

ssv staking

Hello Solo Stakers, It has been a while. Summer is in its final two weeks in Europe, and the SSV network is finally live on mainnet. I would like to offer the SSV team my congratulations and thanks for building useful software that works and putting it into production. What is SSV and why do […]

Ethereum started looking like an ordinary tech stock?

ethereum stock

In January 2022, I noted that when interest rates rise, Ethereum and other digital assets would look a lot more like tech stocks and lose value.  Meanwhile, the dreamy alternative narratives about stores of value and new decentralised la-la lands would burn faster than Europe’s moral authority as it failed to protect Ukraine with air […]

Ethereum Solo Staking Withdrawals FAQ

eth solo staking withdrawals faq

Solo staking is choosing an Ethereum client and running both an execution layer client and consensus layer client to run an Ethereum node, connect it to the internet, and depositing 32 ETH to activate a validator, giving you the ability to participate directly in network consensus. Solo staking is about running your nodes on infrastructure […]

Wearing your big girl and big boy pants: Why self custody of digital assets is so Important

ethereum solo staking self custody

The company we keep… The word ‘company’ is based on 12th-century French, compagnie, a “society, friendship, intimacy; body of soldiers”, and this hails from the Late Latin phrase companio, “one who eats bread with you”. Commerce was then, we can conclude, initially synonymous with social ties. At the heart of these social ties is the idea of trust. […]

2023: What will Ethereum look like in a world with high interest rates?

ethereum staking

I know I’m in the minority. I see Ethereum as a shared database where a currency emerges from the requirement to incentivise good sharing; most see it as a volatile asset class. What is the outlook for Ethereum in 2023? As is our norm, let’s start with the data. 15,903,886 TOTAL ETH STAKED 496,996.438 TOTAL […]


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