2023: What will Ethereum look like in a world with high interest rates?

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I know I’m in the minority. I see Ethereum as a shared database where a currency emerges from the requirement to incentivise good sharing; most see it as a volatile asset class. What is the outlook for Ethereum in 2023? As is our norm, let’s start with the data. 15,903,886 TOTAL ETH STAKED 496,996.438 TOTAL […]

Ethereum Staking as a Service Providers: Under pressure

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Firstly let me start by saying Staking as a Service providers are an important and useful part of the Ethereum staking ecosystem. They are good people doing good work and I wish all of them wealth and health.  However, as we have seen customers move away from Staking as a Service providers to become solo […]

An Introduction to Impact Staking

Hello Solo Stakers Launchnodes was founded in April 2020. In part, because the founding team thought it would be a great way to earn some jake (English slang for money), but also because I saw that staking could be a revolutionary tool to: Create local and interest group-based banks (so think Basingstoke Bank, or the […]

The Gilt God, NFT Houses and N.W.A on the importance of block explorer analysis

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Hello solo stakers Let us start with the data as of 25th October TOTAL ETHEREUM STAKED – 15,232,925 TOTAL VALIDATORS – 449,712 CURRENT APR ~ 4.0% The Merge has happened and everyone wants to know what it means. For regulation, for staking, for the price of Ethereum and obviously Solana :). Life ain’t nothin’ but […]

Billy Joel’s Post Merge Analysis and a Tactical Nuclear strike for Christmas

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I hope everyone had a good summer. Let’s start with the data and stay with it a bit longer than normal before we go to the narrative. Total ETH staked 14,710,982 ETH Total validators 434,898 Current APR  4% As of 15-September at 06:46:46 UTC, at Ethereum block height 15,537,393, the final PoW mined block was […]

There but for the Grace of Geth Goes the Merge

Hello Let’s start with some data Data Active Validators 405,229 Staked Ether 12,967,218 ETH = $13.5 Billion USD Average Balance 33.61 ETH “I told you so”, regarding the market bloodbath, the challenges of stable coins and how crypto in general will look like a tech stock when interest rates rise, is not an interesting insight.  […]

Is public cloud a form of digital Crack and could an Ethereum powered De-Cloud help

Hi  Having been very gritty and into the detail, in previous posts, I thought it might be useful to zoom out. Before we do that, let’s do the data. 13,397,520 TOTAL ETH STAKED 399,386 TOTAL VALIDATORS 4.2% CURRENT APR The $48 Billion of  Ethereum TVL DeFi activity continues to trundle upwards despite a market bloodbath. […]

Simple and useful information relating to the Merge : wtf is the execution layer?

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Irrational exuberance/everyone losing their sh1t re the upcoming Merge, is great to watch. Everyone involved in pushing code that works and is useful to production, in any given scenario, is a hero in my book.  Those that are pushing the decentralised future of finance and a new general purpose technology to production deserve the spotlight. […]