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ETH Staking for Miners

As Ethereum moves from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, we are helping Bitcoin Miners to establish Consensus Layer (ETH2.0) staking operations from their own Data Centre(s) Infrastructure.

Why BTC and ETH Miners are well positioned to stake

Existing miners are uniquely positioned to stake Ethereum because they already have an organisational mandate to:

Hold ETH and Bitcoin
(which can be converted
into ETH)
Stake as an operational activity, based on the fact that it is an alternative to the existing mining activity they participate in

How we Help BTC and ETH Miners

We are helping existing BTC and ETH miners around the world that want to establish a scalable, secure and robust Proof of Stake staking operation. Launchnodes help establish the architecture and services required to maximise Ethereum staking rewards for miners within their own Data Centres, without taking any of the staking returns.

Start Small & Go Fast


Launchnodes’ approach is designed to enable miners to deploy a fully functional pilot within 1-3 months, with the ability to rapidly scale to thousands of nodes at their own pace.


Successful deployment of the pilot provides the capability for Launchnodes’ clients to stake at scale for themselves, and to offer third party staking services for Ethereum and other alt coins from their own infrastructure.


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Non custodial staking for
customers who wantto keep 100%
of their ETH staking returns

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