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Validator Node End to End Set Up and Support

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Launchnodes provides you with secure always on beacon and validator nodes on Ethereum 2.0 mainnet, using the latest versions of the Prysmatic clients.

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Ethereum defi and staking, Product
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ETH 2.0 Beacon and Validator nodes on AWS, with a single click

Launchnodes provides you with a secure, always on Beacon and Validator node on Ethereum 2.0 mainnet, using the latest versions of the Prysmatic clients.

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Beacon and Validator nodes on AWS, for Ethereum 2.0

Launchnodes provides you a fully secure Beacon or Validator node running on Ethereum 2.0 mainnet, that allows you to stake your Ethereum and keep all the returns.  Launchnodes spins up pre-configured, secure nodes inside your own AWS account, so you can own and run your own Beacon and Validator nodes and start staking.

Check out the detailed steps to setting up your Validator node with our instructions here.


Set up your AWS

Use your existing AWS account, if you have one.

Alternatively, visit Amazon Web Services to sign up for an AWS Account.



Subscribe and run your Beacon or Validator nodes

Subscribe to Launchnodes’ Beacon or Validator nodes, available in Amazon Web Services.

A free trial is available, and you are able to unsubscribe from our service at any point with no obligation.


Connect 32 or more Ethereum

There is a Web User Interface to allow you to connect 32 or more Ethereum, alternatively you can do this manually using the online instructions.



Staking Rewards

You can monitor the value of your earnings in real time, along with the performance of your Beacon or Validator nodes, using the Ethereum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer ( or the Web User Interface.

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About LaunchNodes

Launchnodes’ mission is to provide customers with a straightforward, direct connection to the most important public blockchain, without taking a share of the staking returns earned.

Launchnodes’ services are designed to be easy, scalable and secure, leveraging public cloud.

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What we do

Using AWS, Launchnodes gives you the ability to easily, quickly, securely and privately launch one or more Validator or Beacon nodes, in your desired region, with an automatically updated client that’s optimally configured.

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How we do it

We leverage AWS, Azure and GCP, to allow you to spin up multiple instances and nodes in your own, private cloud account.


We also provide bespoke services for enterprises looking to build staking and DeFi products on Ethereum 2.0